Five Strategies

The Five close quarter strategies are also known as 5 Principles of Pushing Hands. These five strategies, while very important for pushing hands, are incredibly important for any close quarters fighting. The five strategies are best explained as:

literally: sticky, gluey
Taiji meaning: adherence, sticking

literally: link, join, connect
Taiji meaning: connected, continuous,
to attach continuously without pause

literally: cotton
Taiji meaning: softness (i.e. those who are soft have better listening & reaction abilities)

literally: to follow or allow
Taiji meaning: to follow or yield in any direction

Bu Diu Ding 
literally: not lose (or) oppose
Taiji meaning: do not lose contact or oppose opponentʼs force with brute force

Different books will sometimes express the 5 principles differently, for example:
Adherence, Spontaneity, Softness, Yielding, Rejection of Brute Force
or Listening, Leading by Walking Away, Sticking, Neutralising, Attacking
or Adhere, Join, Stick, Follow, Do Not Let Go and Do Not Resist