We have two main classes. One in Nottingham and one in Slough. The details for each class can be found on their respective pages. Classes can consist of chi gung, pushing hands, self-defence techniques, applications, hand form, weapons or any number of other aspects of the art depending upon who is in the class at the time, after all, variety tends to keeps things interesting.

In Tai Chi Chuan everything is interdependent. Taking a component out and just teaching a single aspect diminishes the art. By teaching as much as we know open and honestly we believe that our students will learn better and more effectively. While people might not be interested in self-defence techniques and may not want to practice them we believe that understanding the technique gives meaning to the form. If people want to take the self-defence aspects further then that’s absolutely fine, we can do that and if people only want to learn a bit of hand form we can do that too.