Head Instructor

Dan Docherty

Dan Docherty is the head of the Practical Tai Chi Chuan school and an incredibly knowledgable practitioner.

Practical Tai Chi Chuan International

Senior Instructors

Adam Chell

Adam teaches in Falmouth

Tai Chi Kernow

Chris Henney

Chris teaches in Stockport

Wudang Manchester

Cliff Cox

Cliff teaches in Barnet

Barnet Wudang Tai Chi

David Baker

David teaches in Oxford

Oxford Wudang Tai Chi

Ian Kendall

Ian teaches in Brighton


Steve Davies

Steve teaches in Tunbridge Wells

Oriental Arts Centre

Katherine Allen

Katherine teaches in Camden

Taiji For Life

Neil Rosiak

Neil teaches in London Bridge

Intelligent Boxing

Peter Ballam

Peter teaches in Horsham

Sussex Wudang Tai Chi

Steve Wooster

Steve teaches in Canvey Island

Wudang Tai Chi Essex

Paul Silfverstråle

Paul teaches in Sweden


Sister Schools

Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron is Dan Docherty’s Tai Chi elder brother and head of the Five Winds School of Tai Chi. Ian is an incredibly good teacher and practitioner of the art.

Five Winds

Other Schools

The Tai Chi Club

Neil Bradly runs a Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi school in Ripley. Neil comes across as really nice bloke and a solid instructor.

The Tai Chi Club

Yoga Kind

Jane Daly runs classes geared towards more senior people in the Slough area. Jane is a really friendly person and has a lovely teaching style. If you’re less mobile, looking for a really gentle class or an older person looking for some tai chi then give Jane a call.

Yoga Kind

Interesting Links

The Martial Arts Woman

An interesting blog that’s definitely worth reading.