Tai Chi Chuan Discourse

Once you move, the whole body must be light and agile.

In particular, it must be linked together.

The energy should be excited to activity.

While the spirit must be internally hoarded.

No place should be deficient or defective.

No place should have hollows or bumps.

No place should be cut off or overextended.

The root is in the feet; Discharging is done by the legs, the controlling power is in the waist and the appearance is in the hand or fingers, from the feet to the legs to the waist all must be completely uniform and done in one breath whether stepping forward or moving back, this will result in good timing and correct movements.

If in certain places good timing and correct movement are not achieved, body movements become arbitrary and disordered.

This sickness must be sought in the waist and the leg.

Above and below, forward and back, left and right are all like this.

In general this is controlled by the intent and not externally.

If there is up, immediately there is down; If there is forward, immediate there is back; If there is left, immediately there is right.

If the intent is to go up, the intent to go down is there immediately.

Or, if you raise something up, then there is the intent to smash it down with increased force.

In this way its roots will be severed and destruction will be swift and beyond doubt.

Void and substantial must be clearly distinguished.

Every place consists of of this, one void and one substantial.

Every part of the body is in turn strung together, without causing the least break.

This long boxing, it’s like the great river, the Chang Jiang, surging and flowing, without interruption.

Of the Thirteen Tactics, Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao; They are the Eight Trigrams.

Step Forwards, Move Back, Face Left, Look Right and Centrally Stable; These are the Five Elements.

Peng, Lu, Ji and An, are the Trigrams Chien, Kun, Kan, Li, the four cardinal points.

Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao are the trigrams Sun, Chen, Tui, Ken, the four corners.

Step Forwards, Move Back, Face Left, Look Right and Centrally Stable; Are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.