For anybody with an interest in sparring or using the more practical side of Tai Chi Chuan this list provides some of the more useful items.

Gloves are massively useful, as too are head guards. Gumshields are an absolute must. Anything beyond that is a bonus.

Gum Shield – buy this first, you really don’t want to lose your teeth.

Bag Gloves – used for training focus and power.

16oz Boxing Gloves – useful for training power and stamina.

Inner Gloves – useful for padding out boxing gloves.

Hand wraps – useful for supporting wrists and hands in boxing gloves.

Focus Mitt – useful for training focus and power.

Strike Pad – used for building striking power and stamina.

Free Fighting Head Guard – used for free fighting and sword fighting.

Head Guard – used for light sparring and training self-defence techniques with more intent.

Body Armour – used for heavy sparring and sword fighting.

MMA gloves – used for free fighting.

Karate Mitts – used for light sparring.

Kit Bag – used for holding stuff.