Interpretation Of The Practice Of The Thirteen Tactics

Use the mind to move the energy, try to let it sink in an orderly manner, then it can accumulate and enter the bones.

Use the energy to move the body, try to get it flow without hinderance, then we can conveniently act in accordance with the mind.

If the vigour can be raised, then there is no need to worry about leaning the weight to one side.

This is what is meant by the suspended head top.

The intent and the energy must be able to interact nimbly so there is a delightful roundness and liveliness.

This is what is mean by the changes of void and substantial.

When attacking you must sink and be completely relaxed.

Concentrating on one direction when standing the body should be centrally correct and at ease to deal with attacks from the eight directions.

Move the energy as through a pearl with nine crooked paths.

It goes smoothly everywhere.

Transport the trained force like a hundred times refined steel, what firmness can it not break?

The appearance is like a hawk seizing a hare; The spirit is like a cat catching a rat.

Be still as a lofty mountain; Move like a mighty river;

Accumulate the trained force as if drawing a bow; discharge the trained force as if releasing an arrow.

Seek the straight amidst the bent; Accumulate then discharge.

The strength come from the spine; The steps follow the changes of the body.

To receive is to release, if contact is broken, then resume the connection.

Moving back and forth there must be turning over and folding up.

In advancing and retreating there must be turning and change.

Ultimate softness then becomes the hardest and firmest.

From the ability to inhale and exhale properly, comes the ability to be nimble and flexible.

By constantly developing the vital energy there is no eveil.

By using the curve to gather the trained force there is more than a sufficiency.

The mind acts as the commander; The energy acts as the flag; The waist acts as the banner.

First seek to expand, then seek to be compact.

Thus you reach fine work neatly done.

It is also said; First in the mind, then in the body.

The abdomen is spongy; the vital energy is hoarded to enter the bones;

The spirit is at ease and the body is tranquil.

This must be deeply engraved on the mind.

Always remember, once there is movement, there is nothing that does not move.

Once there is stillness, there is nothing that is not still.

When moving back and forth, the energy sticks to the back, it amasses and enters the spine.

Internally it strengthens the vigour; Externally one exhibits peaceful ease.

Move the way a cat walks. Mobilise the trained force as if reeling silk from a cocoon.

The body and the intent and entirely concentrated on the vigour, not on the energy. If on the vital energy then there is stagnation.

If there is vital energy then there is no brute strength. If there is no vital energy then there is great strength.

The vital energy is like the wheel of a chariot; The waist is like a axle.