Song Of The Thirteen Tactics

The thirteen general tactics must not be underestimated.

Make the source of fulfilling the intent at the waist.

During the changes and turnings of the void and substantial you must maintain the intent.

The vital energy circulates throughout the body without the slightest obstacle.

There is stillness even if there is movement; When there is movement there is stillness.

In accordance with the opponent my changes appear mysterious.

Every tactic lives in the mind the principle is to use the intent.

In the attainment of perfection do not waste effort.

Carve and carve again into the mind it should be in the waist.

Internally the abdomen is relaxed and still the vital energy ascends,

when the coccyx is centrally correct the spirit connects with the head top.

The whole body should feel light and agile when the head top is suspended.

Be meticulous and keep the mind on enquiring into the art.

Freely contract and extend, open and close and listen.

To go through the gate and be led along the path oral instruction is necessary.

Effort is unceasing.

Cultivate the method yourself.

Let us enquire into what acts as the rule for the body ( in all this ):

The intent and the vital energy are the rulers;

The bones and flesh are the officials.

Think and enquire where does the final purpose lie?

It lies in seeking longevity and keeping a youthful appearance.

This is a song of 140 characters.

Every character has a clear meaning and there is nothing omitted.

If you don’t enquire into the subject in this way, you vainly waste effort and heave a sigh.