The Fighters Song

Peng, Lu, Ji and An must be taken seriously.

Up and down accompany one another and the opponent finds it difficult to enter.

Let him attack with great force, use four taels to displace a thousand catties.

Entice the opponent to enter the void harmonise and promptly discharge.

Adhere, be continuous, be soft, follow, don’t break contact or resist.

Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao are even more amazing when using them there is no need to think about it.

If you can be light and agile you can then understand trained force.

Achieve it inside a circle, not with hands and feet disorganised.

Furthermore, the secret / trick is:

If the opponent doesn’t move, I don’t move.

If the opponent moves a little, I move first.

Seeming relaxed but don’t relax;

Be prepared to move but don’t move.

The strike is broken but the intent is unbroken.