Wudang Tai Chi Chuan

Wudang Tai Chi Chuan is a variant of Wu Style Tai Chi. Our lineage is heavily influced by the early Wu and Yang style masters and as such it retains some of the more practical and dynamic components of the art.
The Wudang name was given to this style of Tai Chi Chuan by Cheng Tin Hung. Cheng Tin Hung never claimed to be teaching any particular style of Tai Chi Chuan although he was taught Wu style by his uncle and was considered the Wu style gatekeeper in Hong Kong for a period. This style of Tai Chi Chuan also has the alternative name of Practical Tai Chi Chuan which was the name ascribed to this style by the newspapers in Hong Kong when referring to the Tai Chi Chuan that Cheng Tin Hung taught. Cheng Tin Hung was credited with teaching a very practical and useful style of Tai Chi Chuan rather than the empty forms that we often see nowadays.
The name Practical Tai Chi Chuan is also the name that Dan Docherty registered as the name of the system when he began teaching in the UK. Dan Docherty is a ferocious fighter and a true proponent of the art of Tai Chi Chuan. Dan Docerty has an unrivalled knowledge of the art and he teaches with an open and direct method. The names Practical Tai Chi Chuan and Wudang Tai Chi Chuan can be used interchangeably.

Being a variant of Wu style means that our style can be seen in all the old Wu style videos that can be found on YouTube. Videos featuring Chu Minyi or Wu Ying Hwa are just as relevant now as they were when they were filmed many years ago. In fact, looking at the forms in the videos it is possible to see that very little has changed between these old Wu forms compared with the forms we study today. It is a testament of the teachers of this style that the forms we teach now are exactly the same as the forms that were taught one hundred years ago. The Wudang style retains all the applications and training techniques of the old styles of Tai Chi Chuan and it remains an efficient and practical method of self-defence.