Wudang Tai Chi Chuan consists of five major components. These components, taken together, form the core of the art and provide the foundation for everything that we do. All the auxiliary exercises that are described elsewhere are designed to support these core components.

Hand Form

A set sequence of free flowing movements which quietens the mind and relaxes the body. All the movements of the hand form have self-defence applications.

Pushing Hands

Eight partnered exercises which improve evasion and balance, increase sensitivity and improve reactions. These skills are vital for self-defence.


Involves evasion combined with diversion / deflection of the opponent’s attacks followed by counter attacking strikes or throws.


The three weapon forms of Tai Chi Chuan are the straight sword, the sabre and the spear. The techniques are practical and can be applied using everyday objects such as umbrellas or sticks.

Internal Strength

Internal Strength can be described as meditation combined with exercise. Twelve Yin and twelve Yang exercises which combine martial, meditative and therapeutic qualities to create a tranquil mind and improve health and strength. These exercises develop a well co-ordinated body that is full of energy and able to withstand punches and kicks.