Something Special

So following a rather interesting mail conversation with Somerset County Council it would transpire that they actually teach Tai Chi classes themselves and have proper teachers on-staff. That is amazing. Most people are aware that the chi kung and form sides of Tai Chi have amazing effects when it comes to things like balance and falls prevention, Tai Chi helps with Type 2 Diabetes and it great for relaxing a loosening the body.
I myself had the misfortune to be involved in a car crash back in March 2013 when somebody who wasn’t paying attention crossed the dividing lines had hit me. I received massive bruising all across my chest and neck. The very nice ambulance man and the doctor both said I wasn’t actually broken but I was going to get very stiff and tight for a few weeks, maybe a month or two. My solution to that was to get out in the garden and do form. Lots of Form. I did hand form as much as I could everyday and the weapon forms if I got a chance. The weapon forms were a bit harder because simply holding the weight of the weapon was a bit of a challenge. Now, although the bruising stayed for a while I didn’t stiffen up at all. Not one little bit. Simply doing Form ensured that my muscles stayed loose and flexible and any tightening was effectively averted. I think this is amazing. I wish I could spread the word about Form in a manner that would make people fully appreciate the benefits of the Form. It’s a hard job.

So props to Somerset Council. They appreciate the benefits of helping people stay out of hospital, of keeping well and staying healthy. It’s easy to measure the traffic through a hospital and say that in a given timeframe a number of people were treated in which a certain percentage were fully discharged.
It is significantly harder to say that a number of people were kept out of hospital because they didn’t fall and didn’t injure themselves.

In an effort to help them I’m advertising the fact that they’re bringing Jesse Tsao over to the UK. Jesse is, I believe, a Yang Stylist and he can be found on YouTube. He certain seems know know his stuff and if you’re a Yang Stylist it’s almost certainly worth your time attending one of the sessions if you can make it. I really hope Somerset Council do well out of this because I’d really like their venture to succeed and for other councils to take note. I think it could be the start of something special.

Jesse Tsao